Activities nearby include:

Tonsina River Lodge has amenities at the edge of the wilderness. We are less then two miles from Richardson and Edgerton highways intersection, so it's very convinient to stay with us and make a day trips to: 


  • Nature Hikes  
  • Nature Photography
  • River Rafting   
  • Kayaking
  • Sport Fishing

We have 24/7 access to clean bathrooms with flush toilets & sinks. We have laundromat and shower facilities.​

  • Hunting, 
  • Wildlife Viewing, 
  • Flight Seeing,
  • Snow Machining, 
  • Skiing 

Tonsina River Lodge  has a very nice natural setting. Our  Campground  is bordered by forest, Tonsina River River and Bernard Creek. The waters are full of fish: Salmon, Grayling, & Dolly Warden! Tree lined bluffs rise above us to the east, north and west.

 Tonsina River Lodge's weather & climate are uncommonly good. We have a very pleasant microclimate: warm, dry and calm with very few insects. This makes for wonderful evenings.
Also, the sunlight and sound of the river here have special qualities that defy words.

Come enjoy the summer with us. 

We have special events throughout the year. We have rooms available in our motel for guests to stay at Tonsina in style all year long, but Summertime is a special time here at Tonsina. Camping and  RV'ing  are excellent economical ways to take part in the festivities at Tonsina. There were many times in 2009-2016 when small tent cities sprung up. It was very nice to see so many people enjoying good times together.


​​Tonsina River LODGE